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Consumer Sunglasses

Consumer Sunglasses

Product Overview

Case: Our customer for this project is a developer of Advanced technologies in defense, aerospace, space, materials, and environmental fields. One of the technologies they developed is a method of applying a “coating” to a transparent substrate giving it the ability to transition from near transparent to tinted within 2 seconds. Read more

This was accomplished via their patented dual-polymer electrochromic system in combination with a patented applied-voltage algorithm. Tri-Power was brought on board to assist in packaging package this technology into sunglasses, creating a one of a kind product that autonomously creates varying degrees of tinting based on the luminous environment.

Solution: This project went through a complete product development cycle, combining Industrial Design, prototyping, Electrical and Mechanical Engineering, design for manufacturing and eventually and injection molded production part. The final product is a styling pair of sunglasses that are a perfect fit for both an active day out in nature, as well as a relaxed evening in the city.

Design Challenges: From a design standpoint, the major restriction was that the coated substrate could only bend in one direction. This limited the ability of the substrate to contour the user’s facial features. The final shape was a collaboration between industrials designer and our engineers, as well as multiple prototype iterations that tweaked the shape into its final form. The form and function was iterated and validated with prototyping utilizing 3D printing machines.

From a manufacturing and engineering perspective, the challenge was modeling the sunglasses, and all its components, in a way that kept its design intent while allowing for cost-effective manufacturing. Tri-Power engineers used advanced modeling techniques coupled with real-world experience in injection molding and manufacturing to overcome those challenges.

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