Knee Instruments
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Knee Instruments

Knee Instruments

Project Overview

Case: Unicompartmental Knee Arthoplasty (UKA/UNI) is a surgical procedure used to repair a damaged knee joint, when the damage is only contained to one of the knee compartments. Read more

Unlike Total Knee Preplacement procedure, UNI typically requires a smaller incision, less tissue damage, and faster recovery time. For such surgery, reliable instrumentation is key. In addition, surgeons prefer to have the least number of instruments as possible, to minimize confusion and clutter from the surgery room. So, when out client asked us to develop instruments for their new UNI line, they had to be both effective and compact. (

Solution: Our focus was modularity and multi-functionality. We developed instruments that could be sued for multiple purposes, without sacrificing accuracy and quality. Femoral prep guide, for example, was developed for confirming proper sizing, measuring tibial/femoral gap, drilling posterior peg hole, and making two of the three resection cuts. Along the same philosophy, femoral trials are used not for trialing, but also as a guide for the anterior peg drill guide.

Design Challenges: While there were a multitude of challenges throughout this project, one of the more difficult aspects was fulfilling the expectations of the fit and function that surgeons were looking for. To accomplish these expectations, Tri-Power went through counteless rapid prototypes and several dozen metal prototypes, built to be used by the surgeons in the cadaver labs. Throughout these iterations, utilizing our in-house machine shop, we were able to fine tune the dimensions to fulfill requirements. These dimensions were captured and inputted back into the 3D CAS model.

Even after we transferred the final CAD models and drawings to our client, who conducted the validation and verification phase of the development cycle, our participation was not complete. We were tapped to manufacture several sets of validation instruments, as well as LMC and MMC parts, to ensure the final instruments still satisfied the design inputs set by the surgeons.

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