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The design process is about ideas. Development of those ideas must consider packaging, layout and styling considerations. At Tri-Power skilled conceptual Designers, Engineers, and Manufacturing specialists can address all the aspects of an idea and the challenges faced along the way while doing it in a way that will always include direct input from the client.
another design Ideas that show promise can then be incorporated into a digital or actual prototype of the idea. Our teams of design engineers, using industry standard CAD/CAM platforms, are proficient in developing prototypes. Additionally, our design engineers can work with most CAD data as well as initiate new databases to meet a client's requirement. As always, manufacturing and processing, techniques, are considered through out all phases of a design process.
At Tri-Power, CAD and CAM are treated as a system to ensure engineering completeness of a design. In its implementation and during the design process, we have the ability to provide items such as:
    •        Ideation sketches
    •        Computer animation
    •        Aesthetic prototypes
    •        Volume study models
    •        Photo-realistic rendering
    •        3-D solid and surface models
    •        Parametrically controlled assemblies
    •        ANSI Y14.2-2003 Drafting and detailing