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At Tri-Power, the phrase "Art to Part" is not taken lightly.  Tri-Power is configured at providing a turnkey approach. Our in house manufacturing, coupled with industry experience, have given us a competitive edge. From plastics to composites, aluminum to stainless steel, we make it possible through the blending of multiple disciplines and CAD/CAM software linked to the latest in 3D Printing, forming, and CNC technologies.
For the majority of our customers, multi-vendor sourcing is not timely, cost effective, or even possible. Tight budgets are typically coupled with pressing lead times. Tri-Power distinguishes itself with a full-service approach. In other words, we follow our customers with resources and lead with innovation, efficiency, and the latest technology. Whether our clients require a fully accurate acrylic prototype for a cosmetic presentation or fully functional, passivated and laser marked Titanium medical device ready for lab testing, Tri-Power is here to serve your needs.

Prototyping capabilities:

  • CNC machining of all material types
  • Working Metal/Composite Assemblies
  • Rapid Prototypes
  • Castings and Thermoforms
  • Foam and Composite Models
  • Painting, Decals, & Logos
  • Motors and Electronics
  • ISO13485 and ISO Certified Process
  • and much more...
Call or Email us to see how we can help you with your prototyping needs.