Who We Are

We Are Tri-Power Design

Tri-Power Design, LLC was conceived in the early 90s by two college classmates (Tony and Rob) who had a vision that high technology was the future of design and manufacturing and that engineering was the key to bringing them together in the America of the future. Friends since college Tony and Rob started Tri-Power Design, LLC on this philosophy after using their academic training and valuable skills they acquired in the professional world. Tony and Rob established Tri-Power Design in a one-room office within NJIT’s Economic Development Center (EDC) in Newark, NJ. Today, their company is stationed in an 8,700 sq. ft office and technical center located in Denville, NJ providing prototyping, product design, machine automation and custom manufacturing. Currently, the company has 10 employees and provides its services to numerous fortune 500 clients particularly on the East Coast.


Our Vision

Provide Innovative and Economic Solutions from Concept to Creation no matter what the Challenge.

Tri-Power Design maintains a highly professional team consisting of mechanical, manufacturing, biomedical, electrical, and design engineers, as well as programmers, product and industrial designers. Each team member is qualified, committed to communication and working as a team for our clients.

Our project team can help you with research, defining or fine-tuning design parameters, generating concepts and renderings, resolving aesthetic and ergonomic issues, rapid prototyping, automated assembly and testing, and includes short-run manufacturing. Each team member comes with the tools, integrity, and attitude to help your projects succeed.

Tri-Power Design Leadership

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Anthony La Rosa
Principal / Co-Owner

Anthony La Rosa took his love of tinkering with automotives in high school and focused it earning a Master of Science in mechanical engineering. Upon

Robert Charles Mastice
Principal / Co-Owner

Robert, a founding principal of Tri-Power Design, LLC (1995), holds a Bachelors of Science (B.S., 1993) and Master’s of Science degree (M.S. 1995) in Mechanical