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How many times have you run to catch your plane, train or bus only to find that the shoulder strap of your carry-on has slipped off your shoulder again, and not breaking stride, you have it perched in the crook of your elbow. It's like your whole sense of balance is thrown out of whack by this bag that won't stay on your shoulder. One inventor's frustrations turned to a solution, which lead him to the doors of Tri-Power Design. Patent drawings in hand, he showed us the answer with the simplest of devices and with freedom to do what we do best-create. 

            OrthoTote was invented by businessman, David Finklestien, who was tired of the inconvenience, aches and pains associated with shoulder strapped bags that invariably slipped off his shoulder. He came to Tri-Power to take his idea to the next level.  Starting with the industrial design, we turned his shoulder strap "money clip" concept into sleek product sketches while maintaining his key design elements. Next 3D solid models were created transforming the sketches into a moldable durable product. While David aggressively pursued marketing numerous cast and later with a finely tuned CAD model which would ensure all aspects of moldability, his key elements were always kept in the design. While David aggressively pursued marketing numerous cast prototypes were created to ensure the right balance of plastic durometers and colors were selected. Once refined, a detailed CAD model and full documentation was developed to ensure DFM for tooling.

            Tri-Power's involvement didn't end here. The engineering department worked closely with the local plastic injection molder as a manufacturing liason to ensure the design details would not be lost through the manufacturing cycle. In the end the product not only won the praise of the client, but is seeing market success and even received a doctor's endorsement.

"Finally a breakthrough for people who carry luggage, laptops, photographic equipment or other shoulder bags.."

-Harvey Klein, M.D.

Director, Brooklyn Pain Therapy Clinic


"I created OrthoTote for myself but it was so good I had to share it with everyone"


-David F