Prototyping is one of the critical steppingstones of any product development cycle. Whether it’s a form/function, or more advanced project, a good prototype allows one to make key decisions on their product and/or project. In today’s world, however, with proliferation of readily available rapid prototyping technology, creating a good prototype can be challenging. All the various options can easily confuse even a seasoned engineer, and wrong choice may even lead to wrongfully scrapping of a good concept.

Tri-Power is configured at providing a turnkey approach. Our in-house manufacturing, coupled with industry experience and access to a variety of industry’s vendors, have given us a competitive edge. From plastics to composites, aluminum to stainless steel, we make it possible through the blending of multiple disciplines and CAD/CAM software linked to the latest in 3D Printing, forming, and CNC technologies.

Form and Function Prototypes

Form and Function prototypes allows one to experience the first physical interpretation of their design. Form prototyping allows user to explore shapes and sizes and can take advantage of multiple forms of rapid prototyping. On the other hand, function prototypes are created to pick out a motor, test functionality of a hinge, or test any other physical function of the design. With Tri-Power’s substantial experience in all different prototype manufacturing media, we can guide you through your prototype needs ensuring that you goal are achieved in most cost-effective ways.

Advanced Prototypes

One of the critical steps of 13485 process is validation. Validation is the process of making sure that there is objective evidence that user needs are met. It is usually done by tests, inspections, and in some cases cadaver labs. When it comes to medical devices, for validation, they must be made as they would be completed in production. However, with out fixturing and planned out production, not everyone can cost effectively manufacture complicated design of a medical device. At Tri-Power, we utilize our team of engineers and machinists with multiple years of experience and knowledge to create some of the most complicated geometries while keeping our clients cost down and sticking to short lead times.

Prototyping Capabilities

  • CNC machining of all material types
  • Working Metal/Composite Assemblies
  • Rapid Prototypes
  • Castings and Thermoforms
  • Foam and Composite Models
  • Painting, Decals, & Logos
  • Motors and Electronics