Engineering & Product Development

Engineering & Product Development

Engineering & Product Development


Here at Tri-Power Design, we considering engineering as one of our core strengths. With over 20 years of experience under our belt, we develop and deliver innovative engineering solutions which enable companies to better manage the process of getting ideas from a sketch to a physical product.Using only the latest in CAD, CAM and FEA software, along with seasoned and experienced engineers on staff, produces results in our final product. Our multidisciplinary, turn-key offering, which includes automation, prototyping, product design, engineering, and manufacturing, helps clients build a time-to-market advantage, enabling them to win customers and generate marketable revenue ahead of their competitors.We accomplish this by combining our expertise in different disciplines with our skills in using leading-edge technology, which translates to significant and tangible value in your products.

Product Development

Product Development can be approached from many different directions, and a wrong move can make or break a project. Here at Tri-Power, ISO13485 certified company, we use the product development process developed for the standard as the backbone of out in-house Design and Development procedure. Following this procedure allows us to fully understand our customer needs and requirements, break those down to manageable design input, and develop tangible design outputs. Throughout this process cost, time and quality are the main variables our customers concerned with, and we strive to fulfil and exceed their expectations.Product Development is a complete process of bringing a new product from a napkin sketch to manufacturable product. In its essence, it’s a process that combines Design, Engineering, and our other services such as Prototyping and Manufacturing.Using state-of-the-art CAD, CAE, CAM, DFM technology and advanced tools, highly experienced Tri-Power professionals can help with research, defining or fine-tuning design parameters, generating concepts and renderings, resolving aesthetic and ergonomic issues, rapid prototyping, automated assembly and testing, and even short-run manufacturing. Our Product Development services are available as a contributing consultant, or on a turn-key basis to help you better manage the process of turning ideas into real products or improved processes.

Engineering Software

  1. LabView
  2. SolidWorks
  3. Master CAM
  4. Pro/Engineer/Creo
  5. Automation Direct (KOYO)
  6. Allen Bradley PLC Software